Singapore Apartment – Scandinavian Interior Design

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Singapore is a country rich in cultural heritage. It’s also one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia and around 80 percent of the country’s population live in apartments.
This time DEER Design team is very lucky when we got a contract with Mr. Henry from Singapore.
After two weeks of hardworking, exchanging the information and fine-tune to make the best design according to his ideas. We are successful when he highly appreciates our project and started proceeding the construction process.

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Interior design for 4 rooms flat, Scandinavian style, Roughly 92 sqm:
* 1 Master room
* 2 Guest rooms ( 1 of it for our daughter)
* 1 Kitchen
* 1 Living Room
* 1 Dining Area
* 1 Master Bathroom
* 1 Common Bathroom
* 1 Service yard area (laundry)
* 1 Storeroom (to be converted to a small office)

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